About me and my blogOnce upon a time there was a software developer who became a project manager and later a manager. Sometimes consciously but mostly rather cluelessly and by chance he climbed the career ladder. In the process, however, he became more and more unhappy, as he increasingly distanced himself from the actual content-related work.

A long time ago, he took the plunge into self-employment. Only to return ten years later to the supposed safe haven of a large company.

Further management functions and ever larger management spans later, he decided to return to the risky, adventurous life of a self-employed person. This in the hope that this would now be “forever”. And that the creative would become an equal sparring partner to the rational in the process.

Back to self-employment

In 2012, I became self-employed again and have never once regretted this step.

When I look back on my forty-plus year career, I try to draw from my experiences. I also try to avoid thinking about what my future will be like if I do or don’t do this or that.

I live in the here and now and that’s what this blog is about. When I write something, it’s out of a need to capture something, document it, and share what I learn from it with others. And to give me an easy look back when needed or when my memory starts fading..

My new focus of work

My focus of work since 2012 has shifted towards user interface design, app development, websites and photography.

The target group for the design and the apps were and are mostly older people. The solutions developed aim to enable these people to live as long as possible, autonomously, in their own homes with a high quality of life. Recently, I became really aware that I am inexorably approaching this target group.

Setting up websites for others was more of an “by-product” of creating a website for myself and my services.

Photography, although classified as a fine art, is for me a perfect symbiosis of technology and creativity. It is becoming more and more a supporting pillar for me in my other areas of activity.

Today, the call for creative and innovative solutions is heard everywhere, unfortunately often without thinking about sustainability. In my career, I have often repeated the same mistakes. I also had to watch helplessly as the experience of older people was thrown to the wind. This experience helps me to identify and remove stumbling blocks early on and thus improve the sustainability of proposed solutions.

Why yet another blog?

Meanwhile, I have a backpack filled with forty years of transpiration and some inspiration. I think I’m slowly so far that I can give advice in the mentioned areas without blushing a lot, with the help of this blog. Of course, always with the endeavor to let creativity and ratio come into play in a reasonably balanced way.